About Us

Brackish to Blue was established in 2017 by two people searching for American made products to fill the needs of their coastal lifestyle.  After countless hours searching for products to only find items cheaply made, overpriced, or both, we realized the need for a place that provides quality, US made products at the best possible prices for those like us who enjoy the coastal lifestyle.  


Made in USA

At Brackish to Blue, we do not see “Made in USA” as a fad or marketing scheme, but rather it is a commitment.  A commitment to provide our customers with the best products on the planet.  A commitment to support American businesses.  A commitment to provide jobs to our family, friends, and fellow Americans.

It would be easy to increase profits by having our products cheaply made in countries that pay employees extremely low wages for their labor, but that isn’t ethical to us. We do not feel it is right to send someone’s job to another country so we can save a few dollars. We feel obligated to pay someone a fair wage for their labor.

We could also increase profits by having our products made in countries that have little to no environmental controls. Places where chemicals and other pollutants are carelessly dumped into the rivers and oceans.  Instead, we choose to have our products made in the USA where we and our suppliers are required to responsibly dispose of all waste and protect our precious oceans and environment. 



When God put mankind on this planet, He gave us the job of managing this planet and being good stewards of His creation. As a result, we believe in protecting our environment and preserving our planet’s precious marine ecosystems. If we want to continue to enjoy our coastal lifestyle, we have to protect our ocean’s estuaries. This is not and option to us. This is mandatory.

We do not believe that meeting the minimum requirements is enough.  We have to exceed the standard. For us, part of that is giving back financially.  We have committed to give at least 10% of all profits to programs and groups dedicated to protecting our oceans. Talking about protecting the environment does nothing. We have to act.


Giving Back

While many believe Christian values and business do no mix, we believe the exact opposite. Our Christian values are what drive us to offer our customers the best products, at the best price, with the best customer service. Our Christian values drive us to give back. As a company, Brackish to Blue will give at least 10% of its profits to ministries that help those in need.  Whether we are giving funds to stop human trafficking, drilling wells at an orphanage in Africa, or providing the opportunity for someone to become free from addiction, we have to help others.